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Monday, May 18, 2009

Book News!

The last couple of weeks have been a blitz of preparation for the launch of my new Brides of Fortune series so I thought I would stop, draw breath, and post all the exciting developments here!

So first to reviews and a really, really lovely surprise! There was a wonderful review of Unmasked on The Good, The Bad and The Unread which made my day! Those of you who have read my books before will know that Unmasked is a prequel to the Brides of Fortune series and features some of the same characters. Sandy at TGTBTU said: "Nicola Cornick is a new author for me. And after this book, I'm going to definitely be reading more of her books. I thoroughly enjoyed this one. Loved the characters, the story, the emotion, everything about it." You can't get a review nicer than that!

Meanwhile, The Confessions of a Duchess has been garnering some very nice reviews of its own which are on my website. Chris at RomanceJunkies said: "Nicola Cornick gives stellar pen with the first instalment of her Brides of Fortune series." Even the mighty Publisher's Weekly called the book "witty" - amongst other things :)

Now book news, and the e-book prequel to the Fortune's Folly trilogy, The Secrets of a Courtesan, is currently on sale at e-Harlequin. It's been in and out of the top ten selling e-books since its release, peaking at number 2, and hopefully it will make another bow in the charts! The Mystic Castle are running a contest to win a copy of The Secrets of a Courtesan and there are further chances to win on my website!

Eharlequin are also releasing some of my backlist Harlequin Historicals in e book format so if there are any of my books you missed and would like to snap up, here's a list. More will be added in June, when Harlequin will also be reissuing A Regency Invitation, the short story anthology I took part in with Elizabeth Rolls and Joanna Maitland. If you like Regency house parties then this book is a must!
And finally, the gorgeous video trailer for my first trilogy book is at the top of this blog and if you would like to see the others in the series click here!

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