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Tuesday, January 6, 2009

January Book - Miss Verey's Proposal

Today I am blogging on UK Regency Novelists Blog about my January book, which is a reprint of Miss Verey's Proposal, originally published back in 2000. I like the book very much because it is light-hearted and fun and something of a Regency romp. Jane Verey and her friend Sophia are fifteen when they discover the Legend of the Eve of St Agnes and go to bed without their supper, convinced that if they do so they will dream of their future husbands. Sure enough, that night Jane sees an enigmatic stranger. Four years later, a marriage is arranged for Jane with Lord Philip Delahaye. But Jane is determined she will not marry Lord Philip. Not only is he rude, insulting and a drunkard but he is not the man she saw that night four years ago...

I won't give any more of the story away here but there is more on the UK Regency Novelists' Blog plus something on the inspiration behind the story. There's also a copy of the book to be won on my website.

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