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Monday, October 5, 2009

I Know Where I'm Going!

I'm taking a break for a few weeks and my blog is too, so before I go I thought I would post a round up of what has been a very busy and exciting few months!

The Brides of Fortune books are still on sale in the US and Kidnapped, my homage to Robert Louis Stevenson's classic novel, is in the UK shops. Also on sale in the UK is Loves Me, Loves Me Not, the Romantic Novelists' Association 50th anniversary anthology to which I was very proud to have contributed a Regency novella called "The Elopement." LMLMN is a big fat romantic treat of a book with stories to suit all tastes and genres. I'm reading it myself at the moment and am loving all the stories!

In terms of new releases I have novellas in two Christmas anthologies currently on sale: The Heart of Christmas with Mary Balogh and Courtney Milan, and Together By Christmas with Catherine George and Louise Allen. Yes, it is ridiculously early to be thinking of Christmas, isn't it! But evidently not if you are a publisher or a bookseller. In fact last Thursday, or Super Thursday, as it was known in the UK book trade, was the day that 800 titles were unleashed on the public in the race to be in the Christmas Top 10, including a multitude of celebrity memoirs, cookery books, cartoons and those books of eccentric facts called things like "Why don't polar bears' tongues stick to ice floes."

Anyway, I digress. The Heart of Christmas contains a reprint of my short story A Season for Suitors and in it's first week of sale it reached Number 4 on the Borders Romance Bestsellers list, which was fab. Together By Christmas contains the first print publication of a very short story I wrote last year for Harlequin Historical's Undone imprint called The Unmasking of Lady Loveless. It also has a fabulous novella by Louise Allen, one of my absolute favourite Regency authors, and is worth buying for that alone!

That's it from me in terms of books until next summer when MIRA will be publishing my Brides of Fortune trilogy in the UK. In the meantime I am working very hard on a new trilogy for HQN Books with the working title of "Regency historicals with unusual settings." Catchy, huh! The first book, Whisper of Scandal is set in London and the Arctic, the second, Her One Sin, is set in one of the Napoleonic War parole towns. I'm hoping to share lots of research detail with anyone who is interested!

I'd also like to share my first magazine cover. This is from the Spanish romance magazine Roman Ticas and I was honoured to be their cover model!

So off I go. A few weeks ago the BBC showed a black and white film from 1945 called "I Know Where I'm Going." I hadn't seen it before but various reviews waxed lyrical about its romantic qualities and fabulous setting on the Isle of Mull. It is apparently a Powell and Pressburger classic, and the perfect film for Valentine's Day. When I watched it I realised that we are staying in one of the film's locations - Carsaig. I have every intention of recreating some of the stills from the film, sitting soulfully on the quay and staring out to sea. And hopefully the overwhelmingly romantic nature of "I Know Where I'm Going" will rub off on my writing too!

Happy reading!
Love from


Alison said...

Have a lovely trip! I love Christmas novellas, I'm a terrible addict ;)

Do share research detail!

Jan Jones said...

Have a fab time, Nicola. Tell us ALL about it when you get back.

Nicola Cornick said...

Thank you! I'm looking forward to it so much. Maybe I won't want to come back...

Carol Townend said...

Enjoy your trip! We were walking along the Ridgeway at the week-end and thought of you...