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Friday, July 3, 2009

Prize Winner!

Congratulations to Beth, whom Monty has picked to win a copy of The Scandals of an Innocent in the rugged hero casting contest! Thank you so much to everyone who entered. I really enjoyed the debate and hope you did too.

For those of you wondering how Monty chooses contest winners (and over the years I've had a few enquiries) I am indebted to my friend and writing colleague Kate Walker, who first gave me the idea. Kate's adorable cats feature heavily in her blog and I thought Monty should stir himself from deep Labrador torpor and do the same. So when a prize is drawn I put down numbered cards, one for each entry, each with an identical dog biscuit on it. Monty is then positioned equidistant from all the biscuits and the winner is the person whose card he goes to first. He particularly likes my website prize drawing with large numbers of entries because then it becomes a competition between us to see how many biscuits he can hoover up before I grab them back!


Beth Elliott said...

Monty looks very serious but handsome [in a rugged way, of course] among the flowers. What a gorgeous photo.

The judging method sounds a lot of fun.

Beth Elliott said...

Monty looks very serious and handsome [in a rugged way, of course].
The judging method sounds a lot of fun for him and you.

Carol Townend said...

I am sure Monty is a great picker, but, Nicola, I do think it's a bit mean snatching some of the biscuits back...

Nicola Cornick said...

I may be biased, Beth, but I do think Monty a very handsome dog!

LOL, Carol, Monty can move very quickly to get those biscuits and if I don't snatch them back quickly he'd be the size of a barrel!