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Friday, June 26, 2009

Coming soon!

I can't believe that it is almost July! Where has the time gone? Probably on my last ditch, desperate attempts to complete my draft manuscript which is due in on 30th June! After that I'll be getting ready for the RWA Conference in Washington which I'm looking forward to very much indeed! I can't wait to meet old friends and make some new ones. I'll be offering a special conference giveaway for all readers who are going to be there and a special website contest for all readers who can't make it, so no one gets left out. Details will be coming out in my July newsletter!

So it's an exciting month. July sees the publication of Book 2 in my Brides of Fortune trilogy, The Scandals of an Innocent. Scandals is Alice and Miles' story. What happens when a ruthless rake tries to blackmail a housemaid-turned-heiress into marriage? He gets a great deal more than he bargains for! I love this story because Miles really is very, very bad - he's a real rake, not a fake rake, and Alice is lovely and innocent but nowhere near the pushover Miles expects her to be. Alice has had to make her own way in the world, she is no pampered society girl, and she knows a few tricks when it comes to dealing with rakes. It's a true duel of hearts. Romantic Times described the book as "an emotional and sensual delight," and I'm hoping readers will love it too!

I'm blogging about Alice and her tattoo (!) and the history of Tattoos at Word Wenches on 1st July. I'll also be chatting about the challenges of writing a trilogy at Risky Regencies on 6th July and I'll be a guest at Sia McKye's blog also on the 6th July! Please come and join me!

Meanwhile I'm thrilled that Trilogy Book 1, The Confessions of a Duchess, has garnered two lovely reviews this week from Single Titles and Rakehell. And I am even more excited if possible(woot, woot!) that two of my previous books for HQN, Unmasked and my RITA nominated Lord of Scandal, are currently with a film producer in LA!! She loves historicals - let's hope she loves mine enough to make a film!! Keep your fingers crossed for me!


Jan Jones said...

Oh, Nicola!!!!

What a lot of fab news. Figers crosed as I type (hmm, makes it a bit tricky)

Kate Hardy said...

Fabulous news. Fingers crossed here, too (but I'm dictating through Dragon so in theory no typos...)